We're Not Pleased, Aziz

No, I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. I didn’t lose your penis. I know exactly where it is, and if I wanted it there, it would be. Let me also point out, that if we were in a romantic moment, and you pushed my hand away, I would not put it back. Because I am not an asshole.

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Being an Introvert in Las Vegas, Kansas City & the Service Industry

I ignored one British stranger until he made an annoyingly sexist comment – somehow, we weren’t supposed to question his claims, made in VEGAS, that he was a professional soccer player and MMA fighter, but he was doubtful us women could work in any part of a flight crew besides the position that pops a coke for you – after which my brain lit up, and I challenged myself to defeat this little sucker by questioning him relentlessly until he furiously demanded “IS THIS WHAT ALL AMERICAN WOMEN ARE LIKE?!” before storming off

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