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The recommended "About Me" section 

*In 3rd person to increase professionalism 

Elizabeth Esche is a travel and experience writer who promises to never snap images of herself doing yoga in picturesque places. (Nothing against yogis, she just prefers to look at the scenery right side up).


Pirate Code

*Not rules, more like guidelines

There are a lot of things people expect from writers these days - you know, besides free work - and below I have outlined what you can and cannot expect from my posts. Note that I withhold the right to entirely ignore my own rules and/or devise new ones on a whim. 


I will not pretend to know something that I don't. In fact, my own ignorance is at least 80% of the inspiration for my writing.


I will not finish all of my stories with sentimental and highly meaningful tie-ins, because I'm incapable of being insightful 24/7. Occasionally, it might happen, and I apologize for those moments.


I will not have a consistent style of writing. I have an MFA in Writing - which, to many writers, means nothing (fair) - but to the rest of you, means that occasionally you'll be subjected to a more literary style of writing, after which you read I will expect a brief analytical summary of every metaphor I used (and why you think I used it). THANKS IN ADVANCE.


I will not refrain from shamelessly promoting my friends and the cool shit they do. Speaking of which, have any of you been kayaking in Chicago?